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The rapid increase of volume and importance of information resources requires a completely new approach to data processing. While designing the conceptual architecture of a solution we are led by the principle, that data loss and the time for recovery are as expensive as the infrastructure itself. We do our best to provide maximum performance, fault-tolerance and cost-effectiveness for solutions we offer.

New generation data processing systems guarantee fault tolerance, i.e. continuity of business processes and data loss protection. We offer solutions for organizations at different stages of automation and computerization: from companies which are at the basic level of automation up to companies with more than several thousand users, using solid ERP or ABS systems.

Suntronix has gained a rich experience in designing complex data processing and storage systems and integrating solutions at the national level for banking and industrial organizations. We design architecture using technologies of top manufacturers in respective field: IBM, Cisco, Lenovo and Fortinet.

Virtualization is one of the basic needs of medium and large business nowadays. Virtualization, being the process of creating a software-based (or virtual) representation of something rather than a physical one, can apply to applications, servers, storage, and networks. Therefore it is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses.

Increasing performance of computing facilities and complexity of applications require correctly designed and high-performance network communications, maintaining all kinds of data traffic. Over the past years Suntronix has accumulated rich experience in designing and extending large corporate networks.

Reliable network is the first and exceptional element of any infrastructure, which (if designed correctly) is a guarantee for stable work and data security.

Routers connect your company with the external world, protect your information and manage your network users. Routers analyze data traffic, transmitted over the network and enable connectivity between different types of networks. Basically, there are three functional types of routers, and therefore three types of solutions we offer:

  • Firewall: the safety barrier between external and your company networks;

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): the solution, enabling access to internal resources remotely;

  • Routers for the purposes of IP telephony: allow linking corporate telephony and computer network, unifying and simplifying communications.

In conditions of dynamic market growth, decision making time is the factor defining companies’ success. The problem of common approach to data analysis is obsolescence of information by the moment of its processing.

Our company cooperates with SAP - one of the world’s top business software companies. Within the projects we execute all stages of providing turnkey solution: from expert evaluation of existing business processes to user training and technical support. Implementation is executed by both internal specialists of the company and external contractors, specialized in particular business sector. Solutions we offer allow a company to align its organizational and business processes according to the most effective models, existing in the worldwide practice.

SAP BI solution is a system for business analytics, which assists in strategical data analysis and decision making process. Its purpose is to allow operational access to data, stored in different systems and databases of an organization, and its analysis. The sources of data can be any information systems: accounting and financial applications, specialized business software solutions and local files, such as Excel or Access. BI can manage large volumes of unstructured data, thereby facilitate and improve the process of decision making and elicit new horizons for your business.

An ERP system serves for integration of all existing business processes and activities of an enterprise into a single information model, providing continuous recourse optimization of particular divisions and an enterprise on the whole. A major SAP ERP solution advantage is that the system can be implemented step by step. Your company has a need to automate material flows – you may implement only the required functionality. When new needs appear – you won’t have a global headache how to combine various scattered system on different platforms and different purposes – you only activate another module of existing ERP system.

The one who has information possesses the world. Information is the most valuable and expensive business asset nowadays, that is why effective information exchange is such an important factor of business productivity.

Videoconferencing is an effective and enjoying growing popularity mean of communication in large distances. The growing popularity is determined by its similarity to a tradition meeting: several participants, physically separated by distance can communicate verbally and visually and perform data exchange in the way, as if they are in close proximity to each other. The effect is provided by high quality connection, which allows to transmit video and audio without delays.

Telepresence is an advanced solution. It is a technology that expands the sense of real presence. We also procure streaming solutions, providing high quality video and sound, allowing managing and processing the recorded data.

Telepresence and video conference solutions can be used for multiple purposes: not only for classical objectives of collaboration, but also training, facilitating experience exchange and so on.

IP telephony is the technology, which provides data transfer over IP networks. The voice is converted into data packages, transmittable over IP networks. When reaching the destination the packages are converted into their original order – acoustic signals. The main advantage of the VoIP in comparison to traditional telephony is reduced price. That is due to using IP network as data transfer environment. The user can use the VoIP service wherever he connects to the internet. Other benefits of IP telephony are:

  • Very low cost calls in comparison to classical telephony: (20-70% cheaper) at the international level

  • Free calls within the network

  • The distance between the speakers is not affecting the price

  • The quality is not affected by distance

  • Unlimited simultaneous calls

  • Portability

  • Integration with IT systems

  • Security of calls and transmitted data.

The audio conference systems enjoy a high popularity, allowing a very qualitative transmission of sound during meetings between two or more groups of persons distributed geographically. The price of these solutions is absolutely accessible.

Suntronix focuses on secure information technologies, provided on all levels of data processing and transfer. While designing the architecture of solutions we offer, we base on the following principles:

  • Complexity of offered solutions for designing information and telecommunication networks and their security;

  • Effective integration of specialized protection facilities (soft- and hardware) with network and telecommunication equipment;

  • Optimality between reliability and compatibility of security systems;

  • Accordance to national and international standards;

  • Professionalism of employees, based on knowledge, experience and love to what they do.

The IT infrastructure of modern companies represents a variety of network technologies and equipment, system software and applications, which may contain a number of vulnerabilities, the exploitation of which could conduct to an unauthorized access or may compromise the information. Considering the extent of the emergence of new vulnerabilities and of the changes in the telecommunication infrastructure, the results of an audit of the corporate network protection level lose quickly on actuality. Changing the structure of the network perimeter, modifying the settings of the server, network equipment and means of protection, all require a thorough analysis regarding the influence on the resistance to external unauthorized impact.

In this respect, SUNTRONIX System Integrator offers services, directed to the continuously monitoring of the information security status. This includes:In this respect, SUNTRONIX System Integrator offers services, directed to the continuously monitoring of the information security status. This includes:

  • Monitoring corporate network perimeter security

  • Design and implementation of the management system of security level

Companies spend 70% of their budget for the maintenance of existing infrastructures, leaving for development only 30%. At the same time, the volume and the role of information in modern businesses is continuously growing. According to analytical reports, about 60% of companies that have lost important business data will cease to exist within half a year, in case they will be not able to recover them.

Suntronix experts are ready to offer effective tools that help to save and to recover data in case of loss, based on the solutions from worldwide leaders in this field.

The technologies that allow the leakage prevention of confidential information gained a particular actuality. Last years, extensive terminology has been used: Information Leakage Protection (ILP), Information Leak Protection (ILP), Information Leakage Detection & Prevention (ILDP), Content Monitoring and Filtering (CMF), Extrusion Prevention Systems (EPS) and others. But, as term of reference is considered to be the term Data Leak Prevention (DLP proposed by the Forrester Agency in 2005). So, as intern threats are considered the intended and unintended abuses of access rights to employees’ data.
The creation of these systems solves the task of preventing leakage of confidential information on the main channels for data transmission:

  • Web traffic (HTTP, FTP, P2P and others)

  • E-mail

  • Instant messaging systems

  • Local and network printing

  • Input-output ports (CD-ROM, USB device, infrared ports, of printing (LPT) and of modem (COM))

On the market there are quite many products that allow detection and prevention of confidential information leakage on certain channels. Nonetheless, integrated solutions that would cover all the existing channels are much less. In these circumstances, the choice of concrete technology, that ensures protection of confidential information leakage with maximum efficiency and minimum number of false alarms, becomes extremely important.

Requirements for the quality of IT service are constantly rising. In order to maintain and fit expectations of our customers, technical specialists of our company regularly participate in training programs and events, organized by vendors and partners. Our engineers have all necessary certificates for hard- and software we implement and maintain. Full information on certification of our company employees you may find on vendors’ official partner website.

In the category of technical support, we provide complex IT outsourcing services, (post-) warranty service and equipment repair.

IT Outsourcing
IT Outsourcing is a kind of activity when a company transmits management and service of existing IT infrastructure or its particular part to a contractor. In this case, the executor guarantees the accomplishment of services indicated in contract in accordance with the established Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Suntronix provides various technical services, one of the main type of which is the service with guaranteed recovery time of equipment/system operability. That includes replacement of damaged parts and assistance in any manipulations with equipment under service contract. Paying a fix price monthly, you delegate the responsibilities and risks to our company and get free of possible problems.

(Post-) Warranty service
We have authorized technical specialists for all solutions and brands we offer. Even if the period of warranty provided by vendor was expired, our specialists can maintain and support the equipment at high quality level. Our engineers regularly go through certification programs, organized by the vendors and possess required technical knowledge to execute competent service. Within technical support contracts, we execute prophylactic works, detect and remove defects from incorrect use, change spare parts, upgrade software solutions and etc.

Equipment repair
In case customers don’t have an active contract for technical service, the equipment can be repaired on single request basis. But this option is not optimal if the customer wants to ensure business continuity. If a standardization regarding the time of resolving the incidents is required, or more – avoidance of incidents, our company encourages you to consider delegating the responsibilities to a specialized partner, through a contract of service of the critical components for your business.

Before taking the decision to invest in a new project, extension or IT reorganization, it is recommended to obtain specialized consultations. We offer a wide range of customized services, including: design, testing and ensuring information security, audit and consulting.
Having vast experience in implementing complex information systems, we have been spectators to major fails of some projects based on most sophisticated technologies. From here, we attain the attention of our customers to the fact that a professional design defines the success of the final result. Suntronix has a solid expertise in designing information systems, taking into account the specific IT components.

Information security
In ensuring the information security, we cover the following aspects:

  • Implementation of Information Security Management System

  • Information security of IT infrastructure

  • Physical security

  • Software security

  • Hardware security

  • Security of procedures

  • Security of networks

  • Security of telecommunications

  • Risks analysis.

One of our basic directions is providing professional services of implementation. In practice we have many projects with turnkey solutions, therefore it is so important for our business to have qualified specialists on site, as the first correct installation can afford to avoid so many problems in future.
The main phases of implementation include:

  • Early analysis (current system status, description of the proposed changes, exposure of recommendations)

  • Designing of an integrated information system (formulating the objectives, conceptualization, creation of terms of reference, setting the realization chart, transmitting the detailed technical project)

  • Realization (installing and configuring the system, establishing the exploitation rules, staff training, recommendations in order to optimize the internal processes)

  • Launch of pilot project (verification of conformity with the documentation, testing, fixing the errors)

  • Final launch, monitoring.


Provide flexibility to constantly changing business demands.
Pursue best practices. Earn customer loyalty.



We help our customers plan, design, integrate and maintain all IT infrastructure – from physical to virtual. We use all our experience, knowledge and skills to deliver top technology solutions for your business demands.

Banking organizations 40%
Industrial companies 35%
Telecommunications providers 15%
Commercial business 10%



Provision of complex turnkey solutions for your business automation.


Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks. Sometimes can be vital to the ongoing operational efficiency of your company.


Assembling the constituent parts of a system in a logical, cost-effective way, comprehensively checking system execution and full functional check-out. Our solutions base on global best practices and top technology brands.


Independent inspection and evaluation of IT infrastructure and how it meets the company’s current and oncoming needs.


Our technical service engineers have years of experience working with servers, data storage systems and networks, based on facilities of top manufacturers.


We offer the training for IT-specialists of your company, featuring on-demand courses in any preferred format.


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